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Our Mission

RhinUS is a medical device company developing an innovative treatment for treating the approximately 30 million Americans with Chronic Rhinosinusitis (CRS).


Symptoms of CRS include congestion, sinus pain, headache, and loss of smell, which can result in missed work days, lost sleep, and less time with loved ones. Many patients suffer for years with their symptoms due to the formation of pathogenic biofilms, which are intricate networks of bacteria that cause inflammation in the sinuses of CRS patients.

Biofilms serve as a protective physical barrier for bacteria, greatly reducing the efficacy of topical and oral antibiotics.


For the millions of Americans with recalcitrant CRS who are waiting for relief, RhinUS is a better way

RhinUS is a minimally invasive medical device that can provide rapid, in-clinic treatment for the root cause of infectious CRS by eliminating pathogenic biofilms.

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